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Family and Community Food Decision-Making Toolbox:

The mission of the family and community food decision-making program is Building family and community capacity for thoughtful food decisions through research and education. The family and community food decision-making toolkit attempts to build capacity by encouraging participants to think about the issues at hand. The primary goal for the family food decision-making toolkit is to get the public to use the tools and to build their capacity for healthy decision-making. Feedback from the participants will be used to continuously improve the content and format of the tools.

Community Food Systems
The Community Food System (CFS) tool is designed to help community food system stakeholders (community nutritionists, community development programmers, food assistance providers, educators, food growers and consumers) achieve their goals and create resilient community food systems through collaborations. It challenges participants to understand what constitutes a food system and how their agency fits into the current system. It also encourages participants to take an active role in improving their food system and building effective food system partnerships.

Family Food Decision-Making Discussion Guide
The family food decision-making discussion guide is the first of a series of discussion guides developed to encourage families to analyze their own food decisions, build goals, and implement change. The family food decision-making discussion guide helps to identify key goals that participants may have.

Overweight/Obesity Discussion Guide
The weight control discussion guide was developed to follow the family food decision-making guide when families identified weight control as a key goal. The weight control discussion guide attempts to help families make plans for change and provides them with helpful resources.